Former Administrator
Real name: Dylan Thomas Kelly
Joined: May 21, 2010
December 26, 2012—January 13, 2014
January 19, 2014—May 3, 2014
April 5, 2015 - March 7, 2016
June 6, 2014 — August 4, 2014
Chat moderator
June 26, 2014 — July 25, 2014
Message Wall: Message Wall
List of users

120d joined Encyclopedia SpongeBobia (then known as The SpongeBob SquarePants Wiki) on May 21, 2010. He became a very active contributior by 2011/2012, and by the summer of 2014, had amassed almost 30,000 edits. He became an administrator on December 26, 2012 and was removed on May 3, 2014.

He retired from ESB shortly after because he was more interested in writing fanfiction.

He came out of retirement two months later. They were later demoted by near unanimous community decision.

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