Date: June 20, 2013
Location: Xat
Host: Tvguy347
Previous: March 29, 2013
Next: June 29, 2013
Table of meetings

The following is a summary of information surrounding a meeting that occurred on June 20, 2013.



April 2013 new Rep Board for SBU:

Chairwoman: UnlimitedCha
Seat 1: ClassicNickelodeonFan1
Seat 2: ExKizuna
Seat 3: Crushingmayhem
Seat 4: Sauce Mama

Ideas for renaming the wiki

SpongeBob Database - Classic
Encyclopedia SpongeBobia - Original unknown
Spongy Center - Jayman
SpongeBob PediaPants - Jayman
SquarePedia - Classic
Encyclopedia SquarePantsia - BrainCM
WikiPants - Classic
WikiSponge - crushing
SquarePedia - BrainCM
SpongeBob SquarePedia - Jayman
SpongeBob's Book of Knowledge
BarnaclePedia - crushing
SpongeWiki MediaPants - Classic
SpongeBook - Jayman
Spongionary - Jayman
Spongeglossary - crushing
SpongeWiki Squarencydlopedia - Jayman
Encyclospongia SquarePantsia - AMK152
Spongecyclopedia - crushing
Little Yellow Book - Jayman
Little Yellow Pedia - OMJ
The Yellow Encyclopedia - Jayman
SpongeBob WikiPants - Clap
SpongeBob SquarePediants - OMJ

Founding dates

August 15, 2009: SBC
April 25, 2007: SB Wiki

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