Date: May 4, 2014
Location: Xat
Host: AMK152
Previous: April 27, 2014
Next: May 11, 2014
Table of meetings

The following is a summary of information surrounding a meeting that occurred on May 4, 2014.



  • 1. The current situation with 120d
  • 2. Fanon wiki
  • 3. The network (SpongeBobia)
  • 4. Twitter
  • 5. Awards (beyond badges)
  • 6. Suggestions from the "ideas for the wiki" thread
  • 7. Anything else you all suggest should be discussed.


  • 1. We will see how 120d behaves during his suspension (which could be 2+ months)
  • 2. We will wait for the SpongeBob Fanon wiki's response to our offer to help
  • 3. AMK152 will arrange a meeting with the SpongeBob Fanon wiki's remaining admins to discuss the fanon wiki's future.
  • 4. Collecting ideas for network.
  • 5. Creation document for network.
  • 6. Twitter is doing good.
  • 7. Twitter account can be renamed after network is official.
  • 8. AMK152 will draft a proposal for awards
  • 8a. User of the month
  • 8b. Awards for tasks
  • 8c. Hall of Fame
  • 8d. Service awards
  • 9. More background contests (doing good)
  • 10. Main page redesign (continue discussion for gathering ideas)
  • 11. Proposal on username redirect (1,000+ edits) to be created
  • 12. Character project/screenshot project
  • 13. Minor characters allowed proposal
  • 14. Wiki history under construction
  • 15. Article of the month

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