Date: May 25, 2014
Location: SpongeBobia Chat
Host: AMK152
Previous: May 18, 2014
Next: June 1, 2014
Table of meetings

The following is a summary of information surrounding a meeting that occurred on May 25, 2014.



  • "NEW" indicates new topics to discuss.
  • 1. Fanon wiki stuff (including logo and background)
  • 2. Ideas for
  • 3. Master chat room pages on each wiki
  • 4. Main page redesign
  • 5. Article/user of the month policies and procedures
  • 6. Seconds galleries
  • 7. NEW Ideas for character articles / Character infobox
  • 8. Modify administrator policies or alternative admin promotion process
  • 9. 120d's admin request/behavior
  • 10. Assessment for Wikia spotlight / main page protection
  • 11. NEW Signatures
  • 12. NEW Image names
  • 13. NEW Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy
  • 14. NEW SpongeBob/Navy-themed lingo for customization
  • 15. NEW Modify discussion policies (to speed up non-controversial proposals)
  • 16. NEW Ideas for ESB, parts II and III


  • 1. Fanon wiki background and logo has been changed
  • 2. Fanon wiki administration still unstable
  • 3. Ideas listed for
  • 4. Master chat room page to be created and discussed at next meeting
  • 5. Main page redesign will be implemented when passed
  • 6. User/Article of the month proposals to be started
  • 7. Seconds galleries are ready, just need some modifications before uploading
  • 8. Character article section arrangement proposal to be created
  • 9. We need to collect ideas for character infobox for next meeting
  • 10. Modified admin policies to be put up for proposal
  • 11. Continue to monitor 120d situation
  • 12. AMK152 will make spotlight proposal to request
  • 13. Holding off on signatures discussion until next meeting
  • 14. We need to draft an image naming scheme (AW10)
  • 15. AMK152 will create a category template for images
  • 16. Further investigation into official names for MM&BB
  • 17. Create discussion to come up with lingo for chat (
  • 18. Create proposal to add to discussion policies (for non-controversial discussions)
  • 19. Ideas Parts II and III were briefly discussed; some need more in-depth discussion. See here: for full list of suggestions and their status.

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