Date: July 13, 2014
Location: SpongeBobia Chat
Host: AMK152
Previous: July 6, 2014
Next: July 20, 2014
Table of meetings

The following is a summary of information surrounding a meeting that occurred on July 13, 2014.



  • 1. Meetings in general
  • 2. Current discussions
  • 2a. Issuing Bot user group
  • 2b. Character hover design
  • 2c. Image names for episodes (part 4)
  • 2d. Linking to redirects
  • 2e. Stub length
  • 2f. Chat moderator appointments (part 2)
  • 2g. Commenting
  • 3. Completed discussions
  • 3a. Character infobox fields
  • 3b. Rating episodes at ESB
  • 3c. Content limits for people articles
  • 3d. Quote or Italicize episode titles
  • 3e. Social Media Icons
  • 4. Project Cleanup: Characters
  • 4a. Character names (discussion)
  • 4b. Character hover design (discussion)
  • 4c. Character infobox/design (discussion)
  • 4d. Character infobox/color and eye color (discussion)
  • 4e. Character infobox/miscellaneous fields (part 2) (discussion)
  • 4f. Character infobox/family (discussion)
  • 4g. Character infobox/connections (discussion)
  • 5. Chat
  • 5a. Chat moderator appointments (discussion)
  • 5b. Establishing chat policies
  • 6. To do list
  • 7. Status report on
  • 8. Fanonia SpongeBob
  • 8a. Editing each other's fanon
  • 8b. Content (G/PG/PG-13/etc.)7. Ideas for ESB
  • 9. Ideas for ESB
  • 9a. Quote sections on episode articles
  • 9b. Separate page/tab for trivia/errors
  • 9c. Poll of the Week
  • 9d. Changing the time limit between admin requests
  • 9e. Delayed administrative participation in discussions.
  • 9f. Display clock
  • 9g. Voice output
  • 9h. Trivia quizzes
  • 9i. BackToTopArrow
  • 9j. Require people to give reason for their options in discussions
  • 9k. All images in one category
  • 9l. OTab
  • 9m. More usertags
  • 9n. Change rating system to go along with the additional "Strong Support," "Weak Support," etc.
  • 9o. Custom cursors
  • 9p. ReferencePopups
  • 9q. "Tournaments" on certain topics (best episode, etc.)
  • 9r. Change sides of entire site


  • 1. AMK152 will create a proposal for establishing meeting policies and proposals
  • 2. Spongebob456 will contact Wikia regarding bot user group
  • 3. Issues with spam discussed (defining spam better on policies, the comments discussion)
  • 4. AMK152 will look into some ideas for episode rating templates
  • 5. Restart "Link to redirects" discussion with AW10's idea
  • 6. Character infobox/show-hide discussion to be created
  • 7. Chat policies to be put up for discussion
  • 8. Contact SBM regarding network
  • 9. Draft content rating system for FSB
  • 10. Draft procedures for quote contests
  • 11. Poll of the Week can be implemented on the home page and topic thread to be created
  • 12. Delayed administrative participation in discussions proposal to be created
  • 13. Display clock to be implemented
  • 14. Discussion regarding voice output to be created
  • 15. Trivia quizzes to be implemented
  • 16. BackToTopArrow discussion to be created
  • 17. OTab discussion to be created
  • 18. Additional UserTags to be implemented
  • 19. AMK152 will endorse custom cursor proposal if created
  • 20. ReferencePopups to be implemented
  • 21. Sides of site to be changed

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