Date: August 3, 2014
Location: SpongeBobia Chat
Host: AMK152
Previous: July 27, 2014
Next: August 10, 2014
Table of meetings

The following is a summary of information surrounding a meeting that occurred on August 3, 2014.



  • 1. Affiliation with The SpongeBob Community Forums
  • 2. Current proposals
  • 2a. Linking to redirects (part 2)
  • 2b. Site background color
  • 2c. New background sides
  • 3. Ended proposals
  • 3a. Social Media Icons (passed)
  • 3b. Linking to redirects (cancelled, restarted)
  • 3c. Issuing Bot user group (passed)
  • 3d. Image names for episodes (part 4) (Help Wanted 001)
  • 3e. Stub length (part 2) (1,000 bytes)
  • 3f. Commented (not passed)
  • 3g. Meetings (Passed, SpongeBobia chat)
  • 3h. Chat policy (passed)
  • 3i. Delayed admin involvement in discussions (not passed)
  • 3j. Voice output (not passed)
  • 3k. BackToTopArrow (passed)
  • 3l. OTab (not passed)
  • 3m. Page titles and headers/2 (not passed)
  • 3n. Comma placement before episodes (passed)
  • 3o. Punctuation inside or outside quotes (inside quotes)
  • 4. Grammar issues in general
  • 5. Chat moderator appointments (discussion ended; in need of requirements)
  • 6. Episode ratings system
  • 7. Project Cleanup: Characters
  • 7a. Character names (passed)
  • 7b. Character hover design (passed)
  • 7c. Character infobox/design (Option C, keep as is)
  • 7d. Character infobox/show-hide (Option A)
  • 7e. Character infobox/miscellaneous fields (part 3) (current discussion)
  • 7f. Main characters with established infoboxes
  • 8. Quote contests (not yet drafted)
  • 9. Changing administrator polices
  • 10. FSB - contests
  • 11. Sponge Out of Water


  • 1. Affiliation with SBC established (SpongeBobia becomes a branch of SpongeBob Infinity)
  • 2. Link to redirects discussion to continue
  • 3. BackToTopArrow to be implemented
  • 4. All grammar issues will be solved in meetings
  • 5. All chat moderator appoints will be discussed at meetings and only bureaucrats will appoint
  • 6. Discussion for separating main characters' infoboxes to be created.
  • 7. Changes to administration policies to be drafted and proposed.
  • 8. Collecting FSB contest ideas
  • 9. Collect ALL information on Sponge Out of Water

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