Real name: Steven Gallagher
Birthday: 2nd August 1992
Location: Liverpool
Joined: 29th December 2012
SpongeBob SquarePants
Fan since: 1999
Favorite character: Sandy and Mr. Krabs
Favorite episode: Plankton's Pet
Message Wall: Message Wall
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Nkershaw is a member of SpongeBobia.

How Nkershaw first seen SpongeBobEdit

Nkershaw was only 6 years old when he first watched SpongeBob took his first baby steps into the cartoon world and become a NickToon. He loved it very much and still does even though he is now an adult. No wonder SpongeBob is the mascot of NickToons.

Joining SpongeBobiaEdit

Nkershaw joined SpongeBobia on December 29th 2012. His edit was on the Licence to Milkshake page. Now Nkershaw has done over 400 edits!

Joining the Amazing Everything WikiEdit

Nkershaw joined Seacactus's Amazing Everything Wiki on February 3rd 2013. Nkershaw was made admin three days later and has created many of the pages in the Games section because Nkershaw is a video-game addict. Nkershaw likes that wiki and occasionally edits other pages besides Games.

Becoming a userEdit

Nkershaw became a user on May 5th 2012, but didn't edit until December 29th 2012.

Nkershaw is active on:

  • The Amazing Everything Wiki
  • Encyclopaedia SpongeBobia
  • SpongeBob Fanon Wiki
  • and The Simpsons Wiki.


Since Nkershaw is an admin on The Amazing Everything Wiki, he is happy to help you if you have joined the wiki. He will also help you on other wikis.


The four wikis that Nkershaw is active on, he has done over 100 edits on all four of those wikis!