President Dubstep
Former Bureaucrat
Real name: Aaron
Birthday: May 2nd
Location: Nebraska
Joined: February 22, 2014
October 20, 2014
Chat moderator
May 15, 2014—September 3, 2014
September 13, 2014—October 20, 2014
SpongeBob SquarePants
Fan since: 2004
Favorite character: Squidward
Favorite episode: most episodes from season 1-season 2
Message Wall: Message Wall
Twitter: PresidentDubstp
YouTube: Nick Tobias
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President Dubstep is a former bureaucrat on ESB, and a former admin on all ESB social media pages.


President Dubstep was the manager of all SpongeBobia social media accounts. He joined ESB on February 22, 2015 and was promoted to the administration on October 20, 2014 and was active in community discussions.

Since he is no longer interested in editing Wikia, he disabled his account.