Chat moderator
Real name: Anais Thomas
Birthday: July 3, 2003 (age 14)
Location: Canada
Joined: January 7, 2017
Positions held
August 21, 2017 - present
Chat moderator
August 27, 2017 - present
SpongeBob SquarePants
Favorite character: Sheldon J. Plankton
Favorite episode: One Krabs Trash
Message Wall: Message Wall
Twitter: SBVSTLH1
List of users

Spongebobvstheloudhouse is a chat moderator and rollback on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia.


SBVSTLH joined ESB on January 7, 2017, but didn't start editing until March 6, 2017. She got blocked around May due to replacing images with ones that have nothing to do with the particular image. She got unblocked a few days later but got blocked again next week for a week due to the same reason. However she learned to become a better user after the block expired.



On August 21, Squiddleward promoted her to rollback due to her "fantastic contributions", making SBVSTLH receive her first user right in ESB history.

Chat moderatorEdit

First attemptEdit

A few days after her second block expired, Spongebobvstheloudhouse requested for chat moderator. She received as little as two supports and one oppose. The request failed and was then archived as a result of the little time distance between her request and expiration of her one-week block.

=Second attemptEdit

Three months after her first request, SBVSTLH made a second chat mod request on grounds that she felt as though she met the requirements and overcame obstacles much more than when she first requested. The request received 100% admin support within four days and thus succeeded, giving her her second right on the wiki.


Some time around July 2017, NatRox made an assistant request for Spongebobvstheloudhouse, though Squiddleward shortly retrieved said request since it is against the policy to create promotion requests for users other than yourself.

Around late August of the same year, Spongebobvstheloudhouse herself requested for assistant, though unlike her chat mod request, the votes were mixed; although receiving a fair amount of supports, plenty of admins opposed on grounds that they thought she requested too early since she had already received two rights within the same month, thus resulting in failure of the request.

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