The gamer 987654321
Real name: Alex
Birthday: 18th February
Location: United Kingdom
Joined: Wednesday 22nd June 2016
The gamer 987654321 (M.W. B. C.) Whatever time on whatever date in whatever time zone you live in.
SpongeBob SquarePants
Fan since: Some time in 2008
Favorite episode: Frankendoodle
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The gamer 987654321 is a member of SpongeBobia, specifically Encyclopedia SpongeBobia

History on Encyclopedia SpongeBobiaEdit

At FirstEdit

When I made my first edit on 22nd June 2016, I wouldn't edit very frequently from then on. I would often go days without editing, and I highly doubt that anyone would know who I was. I also made stupid statements in comments (which amounted to quite a lot of my edits), and the information I added was often wrong. Luckily, as I stated before, I didn't edit very frequently.

Becoming More ActiveEdit

In mid-September, I started becoming more active. Admittedly, this was mainly on game threads, although it did technically mean that I was editing most, if not all days. I did start editing on more articles in mid-October, although still did make derogatory statements in comments.

To be completed soon.